Introduction to PTC

 PTC (Pay to click) sites are sites that pays you to click advertisements. The range of the money you get from one click is from 0.0001$ to 0.02$ depending on the site. You get approximately 20 advertisements a day like i said it depends on the site. When you click an add a link will open in new tab and you need to watch the add for a short bit of time and then you will get paid.

 On every PTC site there is referrals. Referrals are divided in two part direct referrals and rented referrals.

Direct referrals
 Direct referrals are people that you referred to the PTC site and they used your referral link to sign up. The most important thing about direct referrals is that on most PTC sits they are your lifetime referrals. For every click they make the site pays you a percentage of their earnings.

Rented referrals
 Rented referrals are people that you can rent and you get commission from their clicks. When you rent referrals they last for 30 days but you can extend them or rent new referrals. You are not guaranteed that the rented referrals will click and that's why there is an option to recycle them but that also means that you are not guaranteed that the referrals will click.

That's the general introduction to PTC and overall it is a great way to make some passive income but don't expect to become a millionaire over night. For this you need a lot of patience but in the end it pays off.


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