New feature on NEOBUX!

Hi Guys! Yesterday NEOBUX added new feature to their site. The feature is "Games" and there you can make money playing games. This month is in testing phase to see how much to pay us for playing games. I think this is very good feature to this site because now it will be easier to make money. You will literally get paid to play games!

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This is bad!

Hi people! This is very very bad, look at my rented referrals clicks.

There is 5 red referrals and 5 yellow referrals that means that from the 5 yellow referrals I will get my money back and a little bit more but from the other 5 red referrals I will not get my money back. That's the only risk with the rented referrals.

This bar on the top is adjustable and according to how you adjust the two dots on it, it will show the color of the referral. The color is set by the average clicks of the referral. I've set the first dot on 1.4 and that means that if the average clicks of a referral is below 1.4 it will be red and i will not gel all of my money back. If the average clicks of a referral is above 1.4 it will be yellow and that means that I will get my money back and little bit more that I have spent. The second dot I've set to 2.7 and that means if the average click  of a referral is above 2.7 it will be green and that means that i will double my money on that referral. If I…

New Referrals!

Hello people! Today I bought 5 rented referrals for 1$ and that brings me to a total of 10 rented referrals. The 5 rented referrals that i bought today, by the end of there 30 day must have clicked 200 times in order for me to get my 1$ back. That is because I have standard membership and for every renter referral click i get 0.005$ and 200 x 0.005 = 1. If i had a gold membership i would need 100 clicks from the renter referrals to get my 1$ back, because with gold membership for one rented referral click you get 0.01$.

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Where I stand today

Here is where i stand today on Neobux. As you can see my account is 50 days old and I have made 2,48$. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to click your adds and you get paid for it. It's that simple.

Hello people! I'm starting this blog to teach you more about PTC sites, how they work and can you really make money. Join me on a one year journey to find out and learn more!